ATTENTION: Aspiring entrepreneurs who is looking to start a business that ASAP
Virtual 2 Days Disruptive Entrepreneurs Training. Limited Seats Available For This Highly Anticipated Workshop
Date: 7 - 8 Jan 2023 | Time: 10:00AM - 6:00PM 

ATTENTION: Aspiring entrepreneurs who is looking to start a business that ASAP

How To Start A Disruptive Business And Become The Obvious Choice For Your Customers

And use it to build a 7-8 figure business from scratch ASAP WITHOUT
worrying about start-up costs or having any prior experience in running a company.

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Here’s what you’ll be getting in this 2-day workshop
when you register TODAY

Ticket to The 2-Day Disruptive Entrepreneur
Virtual Workshop (Value $997)

Gain exclusive access to the 2-Day Million Disruptive Entrepreneur Workshop and “REWIRE YOUR BRAIN” to spot the “hidden” supply and demand trends in the market and how you can use it to launch a 7-8 figure business from scratch ASAP.

602 Disruptive Business Ideas That Sells (Value $497)

The biggest factor that will decide whether your business will be a run-away success, or a business that will bury you in crippling debt is a product that will sell like crazy. This cultivated list shows you the 602 Disruptive Business Ideas that capitalise on the “hidden” supply and demand trends in the market that you can use to refer to so you can have a stress-free start on your business.

The 7-Day Disruptive Business Fast-Start Plan (Value $497)

If you’re worried about the confusion and overwhelm in running a business. I created a detailed business plan you can follow, step-by-step, that will show you how easy it is to grow a multi-million-dollar business fast, from start to finish.

The ZERO CAPITAL Business Start Strategy (Value $297)

One of the biggest beliefs that hold aspiring entrepreneurs back from starting their business is the notion that you need a HUGE starting capital before launching one. Time and time again, my students and I have proven this is far from true. That is why in this bonus, I’ll be handing you the ZERO-CAPITAL business strategy framework that will show you why any day is the perfect time to start your business.

No Skills, No Talent, No Problem - Use AI To Build
Your Disruptive Business (Value $297)

The point of starting a business is to give yourself the choice to work whenever you want, where you want to. It should give you time to spend with the people that matter, not take it away from you. Which is why I built a business framework that uses AI to “automize” 90% of operations that will not only make running a business a stress-free experience, but leave you with no room of errors.

TOTAL VALUE: $ 2,585

But For Today, You Can Get ALL Of These For Just SG$20!

Listen To What Past Graduates
Of The Disruptive Entrepreneur Workshop Have To Say

WHO is Jaz Lai and why are aspiring entrepreneurs looking for him to start their own
life-changing business

21 years of business experience and 17 years honing his online marketing skills

Jaz Lai is the Founder of 3 Successful Multi-Million-Dollar Businesses,
Peekapoo, Evanscene, & a Local F&B Venture.
Together, his businesses have generated him well-over
50 MILLION dollars in the past few years. 
Using a unique set of “business disruptive” frameworks
he and his students have used to generate
over $50,000,000 in revenue.

This achievement alone has gotten him on
centre-stage to speak in front of thousands of people, and…
Help aspiring entrepreneurs like you launch a profitable disruptive business from scratch WITHOUT any starting capital or any prior experience on running a company.

How Is This Different Compared To Other Business Workshops?

Unlike other workshops out there where they share some "new" business model... 

We focus on what has been working for decades, creating a business
by looking at Supply vs Demand

A lot of people think you need to come up with a genius innovation if you ever want to make big money...

Or that you need to come up with better offers than your competitors if you want to win against them...

Or that you need to sell cheaper so that more people will “hopefully”
buy from you.

But time-and-time again, we've proven this is far from true…

It’s all about spotting the thousands
of  “hidden” supply and demand
trends in the market.

My students and I have made it clear that the key to making a  run-away success...
Is making sure you spot the “hidden” supply and demand trends in the market way before other people do.

That way you can build your business…

WITHOUT spending thousands of dollars on ads that won’t
bring enough leads to breakeven…

WITHOUT any friction from nosy competitors who want to imitate you…

(Because they won’t even get the chance to know more about your market until you’ve made your fortune)

AND… WITHOUT the fear of running a business that will eventually go bankrupt.

Because by the time other people notice how fast you sell your products…

You would’ve already sold off your company for generational wealth…

And have started a new disruptive business that repeats the cycle once again.

So if you’re interested in learning the exact, step-by-step process of
how to find these hidden supply and demand trends…

And make a business that can make you a ton of money…

Simply click on the button below and join my
$20, 2-Day Million Dollar Business — Fast-Start Workshop! 👇

Why am I selling the access to the entire 2-Day Workshop for just $20?

After working with over hundreds and thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs in building their own disruptive businesses.

I’ve noticed that the best feeling I’ve experienced in my career…

Way more than the amount of times my business beats another sales record…

Is when my students come to me to show me how much their business has grown…
And how much it has helped turn their lives around.

It’s when they tell me they could take their family wherever they want to go.

It’s when they tell me how much they don’t need to worry
to buy the things they want.

It’s when they could choose to spend time however they want it.

There was nothing more fulfilling than making my impact in the world.

Which is why, for the first time in history…
I’m opening the doors to my
2  Days Disruptive Entrepreneurs Training all for just $20.

Honestly, it’s just my way of giving back to the community.

And what better way to do this…

Than helping thousands of people change their lives with a business
they can run on autopilot?

So if you want to join my workshop…

While I still want to give it at this price…

And frankly, while I still feel like doing these events…

Simply click on the button below
and secure your slots today.  👇

Here’s What You Need
To Do Right Now!

To enroll for My Exclusive 2 Days Disruptive Entrepreneurs Training on how to build and grow a disruptive business from scratch. Simply fill out the form below. After your purchase is complete, you'll get an email to register for this exclusive workshop.
All the bonuses will be accessible during the workshop.

🕑Time : 10am - 6pm (SGT)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates for the 2 Days Disruptive Entrepreneurs Training?

The virtual workshop will be held in these dates:

Date : [date1] 
Time : 10:00AM - 6:00PM 

Can I invite others?

YES! In fact, if I were you, I would invite my friends, team members or anybody I think could benefit them
before we decide to close registration a few days before the workshop

Who is the 2 Days Disruptive Entrepreneurs Training for ?

This workshop is for people who dream to break free from the 9-5, and own a company that will give them
time, money, and freedom to do what they want when they want. 

But what if I don’t have any prior business experience?

It doesn’t matter if you have zero experience in running a business! This workshop gives you a detailed action plan you can simply follow.
This is the same step-by-step framework my students have to use to get life-changing results.

All you need to do is to keep your mind open. So as to let this workshop rewire your brain to spot hidden supply & demand trends in the market.

Is this a virtual or physical workshop?

It will be a virtual workshop and you will need to join our Telegram channel once you register to be up to date with
the latest details, information or announcements before the workshop.

Will the replays be available?

Absolutely NOT, and this is a deliberate decision so that you will be committed to stay present throughout the workshop.
Because we want you to fully immerse yourself in this workshop and transform your career right after.