ATTENTION: Aspiring entrepreneurs who is looking to start a business that ASAP

Forget everything you know about business, here's the NEW way in 2023 and beyond...

"We’ll Help You Create A Business That Stands Out From The Competition And Launch A Career That’s Both Rewarding And Lucrative!"

... Even If You're Totally New And Have Lots Of Competition!

First, Does This Sound Anything Like You?

  • You want to start a successful, profitable business... but you are clueless and don't know where to start?
  • ​You want to have a massive, passive income stream... but don't know what to sell?
  • ​You had started and failed in business before... and frankly, you're feeling discouraged to try again and wonder if it will be any DIFFERENT this time?
  • ​You are operating in a market where there are a lot of competitors, some here even longer than you... and you find it hard to be unique and even engage in price war?
  • ​You hate it when customers ask you a lot of questions, then go around 'shopping'... only to choose someone else instead of you?
  • You are afraid or fed up of hard selling... and you wonder how everyone else makes it seem so effortless?
  • You had lost money before... and you are desperate to win back in spades?
  • You are faced with rising ad cost and expenses... and you are struggling to be profitable?
  • ​You had learned from a ton of books, courses, even seminars... only to be confused by a ton of different systems from different experts?
  • ​You were doing well before, and then things kept changing especially in the recent years... and you find it more difficult to cope and adapt?

If any of the above-mentioned sound like you, what if I told you that

"These Are Not The Real Problems..."

That's right.

In fact, these are merely symptoms to a deeper, underlying problem.

And to be the most honest, well intentioned business owners like yourself are probably not aware of.

There Had Been Major Shifts In The Last Decade.

I'm sure you'll agree with me that one can't run a business today with the same strategy and approach from 20 years ago.

Strangely though, most newcomers and even long-time business owners that are unaware of such changes are following an old set of rules that no longer work today.

While those that caught on are following a NEW set of rules to success.

And once YOU discover these new rules and formulas, you can:

  • Be outrageously successful in creating multi-six, seven, even eight figures in ANY niche, market and industry you choose
  • ​Be super profitable with significantly lower ad spend compared other advertisers
  • ​Attract the customers you want and clients you enjoy working with in the truckloads
  • ​Develop the 'Midas touch' and have acute sense of what sells like hotcakes
  • ​Be able to grow your business much FASTER than everyone else that typically takes years to do the same
  • Secure your position as market leader despite the increase in market sophistication
  • Not worry about competitors (counter-intuitively, the more competitors, the better!)
  • ​Deliver massive, positive impact to your Customers, Clients, Partners, Staff, and everyone around you

The good news is, all of these are achievable and - believe it or not - EASIER to do than what most people think.

Allow me to share...

Hey It's Jaz Lai Here From Sunny Side Singapore.

I've been an entrepreneur for most of my adult life and throughout the decades, I ran multiple types of businesses that generate multiple 7 and 8 figures in sales.

I have also won numerous awards and am recognized as one of the top Internet Entrepreneurs In Asia.

And if you're the least bit curious about my credentials...

  • I come from a poor family background
  • ​My academic results were nothing to shout about (barely passed)
  • ​In fact, I speak not-so-good English with a strong 'Singlish' accent

That's some 'credentials' you probably didn't expect.

Right after school and Army (mandatory 2-year service for Singapore men ages 18 to 20) I started my first retail business.

I don't know how to explain this, but... for some reason I felt that since young, I was destined to be an entrepreneur.

However, that didn't mean it was going to be smooth sailing.

If you remember, the early 2000's started with a literal bang: the 9/11 incident.

My sales went down the sink, cashflow in the red.

Just as I was struggling to recover, then slightly more than a year later...

The SARS outbreak hit Singapore.

In My Early 20's, I Was Already -SGD180,000 In Debt.

So much for starting my 'career' to be rich and successful, eh?

Talk about double whammy.

With most businesses going down under, it was a miracle that I managed to stay afloat though 
I struggled to get by every month, if not every day.

I sold away almost everything I had and traded in our car for an economical bicycle to get to places.

I saved and counted every cent, ate as little as possible, and paid everything else back to the bank.

This was the darkest and most difficult time in my life.

One Day, I Chanced Upon An Internet Business Training.

Now you have to understand that an online business was considered a novelty idea back then.

There was only one problem: the training cost SGD3,000.

When you're not doing well, a few thousand dollars can seem like a million dollars.

However this was going to be the BIG BREAK I badly needed, so I borrowed money from a few places and practically threw in my last dollar to make it there.

At first, I didn't know what to expect. 

And because the idea of making money on the Internet was a fairly new concept at the time, I had been cautioned by concerned family members and close friends not to be too naive.

This Turned Out To Be The Best, Life Changing Decision 
I've Ever Made.

Within the first 2 months, I've setup my online store selling e-books on personal development and made my first online sales ever:

While this probably won't turn heads, I was ecstatic at the fact that there are people from outside tiny Singapore, who didn't know me personally, actually went to my website and buy from me!

And remember, this is back in 2004 at the dawn of info products sales.

The sales of audio content and e-books over took physical books only in the last few years, but as you can see, I started doing this long before it was cool.

So I shifted my focus from offline business to online business, and in the next several years I raked in online income hand over fist...

Of Course, The Internet Changes Every Now And Then...

As the Internet became more 'crowded', I adapted, improvised and overcame the challenges.

In 2016, I launched my first e-commerce business and shattered all my previous achievements to date by generating well over $718,865.83 within the first year!

I went on to apply the same strategy, formula and framework to various other businesses - more of which I'll share in a while...

Fast Forward Today

The business together with a unique formula I pioneered over the last 20 years had rewarded me handsomely and generously with things like

Trading in my Bicycle for a Lamborghini

Spending quality time with my family

Going on vacations at anytime, anywhere

Invited to share the stage with business leaders like Robert Kiyosaki, Nik Halik, Ken McElroy, etc.

Even when the Covid-19 pandemic hit not long ago, my business and I were more prepared this time around (because to me, technically this was round 2)

While many businesses went down under in the last 2 years (deja vu?) my business GREW to EPIC proportions instead!

So, Why Am I Sharing This With You?

Because I had demonstrated that creating and growing a successful, massively profitable 
business is very, very DOABLE

No matter how checkered or unimpressive your background is

No matter how many times you may have failed in the past

This has nothing to do with school qualifications, education, or even luck.


This Has EVERYTHING To Do With Following A Set Of 
NEW Rules.

At this point, you must be curious to know how I am able to pull all these seemingly supernatural feats off despite the odds and at times, against conventional wisdom.

First, you must acknowledge that today, just having an online business is not enough.

I'll go even as far as saying that having a funnel, running paid ads (Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, whatever), etc. are no longer special or unique. 

If you do what everyone else is doing then you will inevitably get their results.

On the other hand, if you want to belong to the top 1% in any niche, market and industry then you must do something differently.


After more than 20 years of running various types of businesses, I arrived at a revelation that while the Internet has truly levelled the playing field...

Its STRENGTH is also its WEAKNESS.

Why do I say that?

Because anyone with a computer and idea can go online and make money, your neighbor next door is now your competitor.

What used to be novelty is now commodity.

When I was going through the ups and downs of my online business, I did the unthinkable by combining Deep Digital Marketing + Traditional Business

I called it the "Disruptive Entrepreneurs" business model.

This is not something you already know very well of, and last I checked, I have not seen any other expert, public figure or guru talking about this.

First, let's talk about how the 4 "Disruptive Entrepreneurs" breakthroughs translates to results:

Breakthrough #1: DTC (Direct To Consumer)

The Best Business To Start For Easy Success

You must have heard of AliExpress and Taobao. 

Up until a few years ago, these wholesale sites were a jealously guarded secret of e-commerce drop shippers.

What they would do is: buy products cheaply from these sites and in turn sell to customers at a markup and earn the difference.

So far so good, right?

... Until it stopped working.

Because by the time everyone's neighbor, uncles and aunties know (not exaggerating) it's no longer a secret.

Why should anyone buy from you when they can buy directly from those sites themselves?

Very quickly, a lot of e-commerce businesses built on this flimsy drop shipping model went out of business.

I mean, take a look at this....

If you enter as a 'me too' entrepreneur and do what everyone else is doing i.e. sell the same thing, then you are condemned to a never-ending price war.

This is an expensive lesson if you don't innovate or bring anything fresh.

Here's Where It Gets Worse...

In recent years, most of the online sellers (75% or higher) are from China.

No prizes for guessing who they are. 

They are the suppliers and manufacturer themselves, cutting out the middle men and selling straight to consumers!

Where does this leave the little guy like you and me? Can we still make an honest living?

Not to worry, there is a way...

Don't Think Product First, Think "Disrupt" Industry!

This might sound like a simple line to you, but this epiphany took me years to figure out and I discovered that on my trip to the Amazon office.

One of the main reasons why business owners struggle to be profitable is because there are middle men in an invisible bureaucracy.

So the first step to disruption is to remove the middle men i.e. the Distributor and Wholesaler, thus shortening the chain.

What this means to you now is that not only your product cost is significantly LOWER...

When you sell to your end customer, you can afford to keep a significantly HIGHER profit margin!

Even if you lowered your price a bit, you will still earn a staggering difference in the long run.

This is how you win in PRICE & QUALITY!

Okay I know that sounds nice in theory, it would be better that I share an actual case study with you on how this DTC approach is applied.

Case Study #1: Baby Diaper Business

Alright, I can almost hear you think, "what do you know about diapers?"

That was what my wife said, and she was right: I know nothing.

She further added that I was crazy to even think of going up against other long time established brands like Pampers, Drypers, Mamypoko, Huggies, etc.

Imagine that. Getting my idea shot down before it even materializes. Can you relate to this?

I pressed on with the idea anyway.

So long story short: I made some inside inquiries and was able to secure a Manufacturer deal for these diapers at near cost price of just cents.

Next, I put on my own packaging and... boom, we're in business.

In the next 2 years, not only we outsold and beat all the other long-time brands in Singapore...

The sheer number of reviews from parents shot through the roof, it was both crazy and exciting! Our diaper brand was even rated one of the best in the industry!

And we did that without being 'experts' about diapers.

Instead, we focused on 2 key areas:

(1) better product

(2) better pricing than competitors

While this is an amazing success story, I can hear some people say:

"Do I need to have huge capital to start the DTC model?"

Granted, I invested quite a sum of my own money to start the baby diaper business and sell by the container.

I was curious if the DTC model would work just as well on a 'smaller' scale, which led to

Case Study #2: Eye Bag Cream

This idea originated from a network marketing company I belong to, and I thought to sell what is already selling like hot cakes.

So I repeated the same approach as with the business earlier, except that this time I took the self-imposed challenge with a seed fund of no more than $1,000.

No fancy office. No renovation. No staff or any other fancy bells and whistles.

I launched this fledgling business with a very small quantity from the manufacturer, and we sold them out in record time.

I reinvested the profits into getting more quantities, and soon we averaged $1,000 to $3,000 a day in revenue.
Our Customers are from around the world, with the bulk come from the United States.

As you can see, we took seemingly mundane, everyday products like baby diapers and eye bag cream and turn them each into monstrous businesses.

Going Direct-To-Consumer route is the first step. 

The second step is....

Breakthrough #2: ITM (Illusory Truth Marketing)

How To Make People Believe Your Product Is The Best

What I am about to say next may be controversial, probably tick off some experts and especially digital marketers.

But I'm going to go ahead and say it anyway for your own benefit:

Online Marketing Is OVERRATED

Okay, what do I mean by that exactly?

You've probably done or at least hear that if you want to get the word out about your product then you should do things like:

  • post content on Facebook everyday
  • ​post content on Instagram everyday
  • ​do short form videos on TikTok everyday
  • ​do long form videos on YouTube as often as you can
  • ​run paid ads on Facebook
  • ​run paid ads on Instagram
  • ​run paid ads on YouTube
  • ​run paid ads on TikTok
  • ​engage in Influencer Marketing
  • ​send emails for outreach
  • ​go into Marketplaces
  • ​do Search Engine Optimization and rank on Google Page 1

I don't know about you, but I feel tired just reading them out.

Unfortunately, the only thing most business owners will experience after doing all of the above is

  • losing money
  • ​not getting sales
  • ​ignored by other people
  • ​feeling dejected and disappointed

Because here's the thing: before you even start marketing, there is 1 absolutely *crucial* thing you need to do (and most people either forget or don't think of doing)

"What Is Your Core Message?"

This is what makes Customers pulling out their credit cards to buy from you NOW, not LATER.

This is what makes Customers THINK your offer is BETTER than everyone else's in the market - even if it's not necessarily true.

Case in point...

Case Study #3: Options Trading Investment Coach

Chloe Lin ventured into Options investing and became a coach. 

There was one reservation though: her background is in journalism (well, still better than mine)

Kidding aside, she was genuinely concerned if anyone would find her credible.

Through implementing the ITM approach, she went from $6,000 to $21,000 per week in the span of 60 days! That's a 4X explosion in sales!

So What Is "ITM" Exactly?

ITM is short for Illusionary Truth Marketing and in fact traces its roots back to Napoleon Bonaparte (yes, that French emperor from the 1800's)

Believe it or not, the fundamentals of this craft is practiced and used to great lengths by modern politicians - even to this day.

(which is also why I ask my students not to abuse this power, when it can be an amplified force for good)

To give you a layman's explanation, this approach originated from "Cognitive Ease" meaning to make something feel familiar and effortless through repeated stimulus.

You've probably heard of catchphrases and slogans like

"Just do it" - Nike
"I'm lovin' it" - McDonald's
"For everything else, there's MasterCard." - MasterCard
"The best or nothing." - Mercedes

And chances are, lines like this are ingrained in your mind.

Why? Repeating Is Believing.

The same applies to song tunes, lyrics, photos, commercials, and more.

"Anything novel is a potential threat. Anything repeated often enough becomes likable."

Back to you...

To win and stand out in your niche or market, you need craft your "Unique Core Message" that belongs ONLY TO YOU, and that you will repeat again and again in your entire marketing.

Now can you see why this takes precedence over just launching your next Facebook Ad or blasting your email away?

Case Study #4: Honey Theme Cafe

I visited a friend's cafe sometime prior to the Covid-19 pandemic and he confessed his struggles in attracting Customers.

I notice his bestselling foods are usually the sweet stuff, and I suggested that he rebrands his cafe.

So it became Singapore's first honey themed cafe, and generated 3X to 5X revenue since, and as of the time of this writing, opened a second outlet!

Case Study #5: Fashion

"Great, but what about clothes and fashion?"

The funny thing about this particular industry is that there's no actually real 'benefit' and 'features' to harp on.

And like it or not, there is also no way to protect your design from getting copied or stolen.

So in an 'inflexible' market like this, how do you set your fashion apparels apart from the rest?

Well, the ITM method breaks the stalemate.

Now that you know a strong Core Message is more important than the latest whizbang online marketing trick, you're going to guarantee your flow of new customers with...

Breakthrough #3: ALR (Audience Leads Remarketing)

How To Scale Your Business From 0 To 500 Orders A Day!

You don't have to do paid ads to know that ad cost has been shooting through the roof especially in recent years.

Apple's new privacy policy, Digital Tax on more countries, even more advertisers entering the game... and from the looks of it, it's not going to look any better as the years go by. 

Long gone are the days of the Internet wild, wild west.

Case Study #6: Viral Video To 6 Figures

This was becoming a real problem for Alvan, and together we brainstormed something out-of-the-box:

Crazy, right?!

For this to make sense, I am going to break down our ALR traffic generation funnel into 3 stages:

A - Audience Engagement

Where the novice advertiser aims to sell right away on first contact (which leads to high ad cost, bad user experience, and even negative reviews) we focus on Audience Engagement.

Why Audience Engagement First?

  • We create simple, share-worthy content that gets people excited and want to share to their family and friends
  • ​This creates VIRAL marketing with 0 effort on our part
  • ​For this reason, we favor checklists, tutorials, memes, infographics, motivational content
  • ​While most people are carried away by likes and comments, we care more about the SHARES

With viral marketing done for us, we indirectly lowered our marketing cost by a WHOPPING margin.

1 customer can bring in 10... 100... 1,000... even 10,000

Some people find it hard to believe this is easy, because they subscribe to conventional 'guru' wisdom like posting content 3X to 7X a day - which to be frank, it's an absolute waste of time, effort, energy and it's downright ridiculous.

Look, you don't need to be an exceptionally creative person.

And no, you don't necessarily need exclusive content for this work.

All we did is come up with fun content that people naturally like, and run simple Facebook Ads to them (not the Boost Post button)

Take this for example...

Take A Guess: How Much Do You Think It Cost Us To Reach 6.6 Million Traffic? (which is more than the population of Singapore!)

A professional estimated it to be $604,244

In some ways, that made sense. 

But if you know me by now, a lot of the things that I do don't really make sense...

... and you'd be right, because I had spent just $88.41!

That's right. This campaign ran at a paltry sum of just $5 a day over the next 2 weeks.

Thanks to the viral nature of the content, it compelled the few people that saw it, to share with others.

This means reaching out to even more people that I otherwise wouldn't be able to, or have to spend maybe 10X to 100X more budget (which is what 95% of the advertisers are doing)

Even at a 0.001% fraction, that still works up to 3,000 customers a month!

Now you see how it's possible to easily create tons of viral content and advertise on a shoe-string budget?

I guarantee you this method is NOT taught in any other so-called social media course, videos, books, whatsoever...

L - Leads

The next logical step is to convert this audience into prospects.

In as much as we use platforms like Facebook to advertise, we never truly own them.

So we create incentives like digital gifts and samples to get them to give their name, email and in some cases, phone numbers, to build our email database.

This is the single most important form of control you - or any entrepreneur - can ever have.

And when you build your list, you can then maximize your sales through

R - Remarketing

We know not everyone is a committed buyer right off the bat.

For every 100 prospects, 5 will take immediate action, no questions asked.

50 will probably walk right out the door.

That leaves you with 45 fence sitters that are undecided or yet to act at the moment.

With our simple but powerful remarketing strategy i.e. you can spend a small amount on ads to 'retarget' and effortless follow-ups via email, and their wallets are as good as yours.

It is because of our unique ALR approach that I took a brand new e-commerce business from zero to $1 Million in just 1 year!

This can be the missing link your business needs, and finally you can...

Breakthrough #4: Launch Your Own Disruptive Entrepreneur Business


At the start of this letter, I shared how I was down -SGD180,000 right off the bat.

Through the Disruptive Entrepreneur method, I cleared all my debts, achieved financial freedom and traded in my bicycle for a Lamborghini.

All that in less than 10 years.

Some say that's a big accomplishment and turnaround for a decade.

The Good News Is...

With the technology we have TODAY combined with the improved version of the Disruptive Entrepreneur that I had painstakingly pioneered, you can actually see results much, much faster - and in a fraction of the time it took me.

That's why my students are hitting milestones within just 1 or 2 years, some even less!

Like Chloe Lin with her Options Trading training...

Can you see how the Disruptive Entrepreneur method is responsible for generating multiple 6, 7 and even 8 figures every year to our businesses?

And even if you think that's a bit intimidating for now, don't worry.

This is the same framework I diligently followed when I made my first few thousand dollars every month before scaling.

That said, if you want to get my help to show you how to do the same, then I want to invite you to my...

2 Days Disruptive Entrepreneurs Virtual Workshop


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The biggest factor that will decide whether your business will be a run-away success, or a business that will bury you in crippling debt is a product that will sell like crazy. 

This cultivated list shows you the 602 Disruptive Business Ideas that capitalise on the undiscovered blue oceans in the market that you can use to refer to so you can have a stress-free start on your business.

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The ZERO CAPITAL Business Start Strategy (Value $297)

One of the biggest beliefs that hold aspiring entrepreneurs back from starting their business is the notion that you need a HUGE starting capital before launching one. 

Time and time again, my students and I have proven this is far from true. That is why in this bonus, I’ll be handing you the ZERO-CAPITAL business strategy framework that will show you why any day is the perfect time to start your business.

No Skills, No Talent, No Problem - Use AI To Build
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The point of starting a business is to give yourself the choice to work whenever you want, where you want to. It should give you time to spend with the people that matter, not take it away from you. Which is why I built a business framework that uses AI to “automize” 90% of operations that will not only make running a business a stress-free experience, but leave you with no room of errors.


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Total Value: $10,000

Okay you're probably thinking... "Who actually pays $10,000??"

Now this shouldn't come as a surprise, as clients like Alvan and Chloe have paid such fees - in fact MORE - for my personal consultation.

Here's a question:

"If you invest $10,000 and in return get a $100,000 a month business... is this worthwhile??"

Sure, you'd say YES, right?

C'mon, that is a literal 10X returns - recurring!

That's why life and business changed forever for Alvan, Chloe, and many of my clients and students. 

And they achieved success in a much, much shorter time than it took me.

To them, this is not an expense; it is an INVESTMENT.

At the same time, I understand not everyone has a spare ten grand laying around.

As someone who used to be down on his luck, I know exactly how that feels.

So Here's What I'm Going to Do For You...

(listen carefully, because I'm about to make this a lot more 
affordable than even my own child's tuition fees!)

Firstly, I am holding this class virtually ONLINE.

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Initially, I was mulling to charge by the hour and use Singapore's going rate for educators.

After taking everything into account, this works up to



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