After 21 years, 5 successful businesses, and 8-figure revenue, I’m going to show you exactly how you can:


Even If You Have Never Sold Any Products
Or Have Zero Business Experience!
Starting your own business is very rewarding but 70% of businesses fail within their first 5 years.
Instead of starting your business like everyone else with a high failure rate. You should start a disruptive business.
A disruptive business creates a new market with high-quality products that customers love.
After running 5 successful disruptive businesses and generating 8-figure in revenue… I’ve streamlined and created the Disruptive Entrepreneurs Program
This is one of the first Disruptive businesses that I set up and within the first year, we hit US$1,026,171.64 in revenue.
Due to the effectiveness of DE it has been featured in countless of media
I would like to invite you to my “Disruptive Entrepreneurs Online Interactive Class” so that I can share how you can start your own disruptive business within the next 100 days.
Here’s what you will discover in this 2 hour interactive class.
Breakthrough 1 : Finding your DTC blue ocean
Instead of asking what should I sell? You should ask "what industry I should disrupt today?" Just by changing this question, you will be able to differentiate the peanuts from the giant.
Breakthrough 2 : Discover The ALR Blueprint
Stop wasting money on expensive useless marketing campaigns that bleed you to death. Apply the ALR blueprint so that you never have to worry about lack of customers again!
Breakthrough 3 : Unlock the Secrets of ITM
Stop selling your product or services. Go and launch an ITM campaign and start converting your prospects into customers easily by using Neuroscience marketing.
Who Is this Training For?
  • E-commerce
  • ​Business Owners 
  • ​Services
  • ​Info products 
  • ​Coaches 
  • ​Retail (offline stores)
  • ​Non business owners who wants to get started
To help you even further on your entrepreneurial journey, we promise that at the end of our 2-hour Disruptive Entrepreneurs Interactive Online Workshop, you will receive this training below absolutely FREE:
** WARNING: Do not start any business until you attend this interactive workshop. 

This will save you tons of headache and heartache later. 

Click here if you want to fish in the blue ocean as a disruptive entrepreneur today! 

Go and register for your seats now and I will see you soon!

100% No Cost - Seats running low. Only limited to first 150 attendees!
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